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Firstly - we listen to you

Once we understand your challenges, objectives and your goals...

We produce an IT Plan that brings everything together that will help your business grow faster:

Annual IT Plan 

An IT Plan that supports your Business and includes:

  • Your key business requirements from IT.
  • Our agreed milestones.
  • Indicative costs for known and planned activities.
  • A task list identifying what will be done, by whom and when.
  • During the year you get regular reports on activity against the plan. 
  • If things change, (and they often do), the plan is reviewed and again, agreed with you.

This gives you control over what we will be doing proactively together, with a 'no surprises' approach to progress throughout the year.

We do this for ALL our clients - from the ‘one-man-band' through to 100+ seats over multiple locations.

We do this each year so that you know what we are doing together, and have an indication of budget.

Annual IT Plan

Audit & Documentation

Your site/s documented and kept up to date. Whether that be 1 user or 100+ users we provide you with and we keep up to date:

  • Equipment list - who it is assigned to, where it is located.
  • Software list - what software is on what machines, all software licensing.
  • Network diagram - IP adresses.
  • All admin passwords.

We keep these safe and secure in our own datacentre.

Audit & Documentation

Solutions Design

Wherever you need to change your IT, we will design for you, the right technology solution to support your business. 

Keeping in mind that your solution will be tailored to what you need, two example solutions we have implemented for clients are:

  • Small Business, single site,
    • Office 365 for all email and MS Office applications.
    • Provision of HP desktops, laptops and tablets as requried.
    • On premises HP Server for file storage and core business application.
    • Fibre link with switch, firewall and UPS.
    • Connect 2 Remote Monitoring & Management system.
    • Automated backup to cloud and regular recovery testing.
  • Large Business, multiple sites, 100+ seats
    • In-house racked HP servers in two geographical locations networked via Ethernet and microwave secured by commercial grade firewalls, switches, and UPSs in specilised computer rooms.
    • Office 365 for all email and MS Office applications.
    • Connect 2 Remote Monitoring & Management system.
Solutions Design

Provision & Installation

  • We procure, install, setup, and tune the system for optimum performance.
  • We work with local distributors of hardware products and only recommend quality components that we know work well. We do not use the cheapest kit because our 25+ years experience in supplying IT gear have shown us that the "cheapest" can actualy mean very expensive over time.
  • Our core hardware suppler is HP. In addition to the reliable, and stable PC, Server and networking gear they provide, our clients can also be covered by their support.
  • We will match the right technology to your business ensuring the optimum long term cost of ownership model.
Provision & Installation

Remote Monitoring & Management

Your site/s monitored and managed remotely by us and often, we are aware of problems with your IT before you are. Our Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) software is active 24x365 and it is programmed to alert us when things fall outside parameters agreed with you. These alerts are customized by:

  • Each system - some are more critical than others. We rank these in Priority - P1 through P3.
  • Your specific requirements. E.g. if you might be happy with a 'next business day' service call for a P2 or P3, but might need a 4 hour response to a P1.
Remote Monitoring & Management

You get access to our specialist resources

Our specialist resource expertise is here to help you with any issue, both planning and execution.


First we listen, then we target the right solution. Our experts have many years business experience at all levels and can help your business grow.

Project Management

We deliver on time, on budget - no surprises. Our experts have 25+ years experience of successful project implementation across the globe.

Solution Architecture

Defining the right solution is critical. Our experts are experienced in designing solutions encompassing Open Systems, the Cloud, Networks, Security, and Data Centers.

Server Engineers

Getting the most out of IT Infrastructure. Our server engineers can make infrastructure hum, whether that be Virtual Servers, bare metal, data centre based or on-premise.

Desktop & Office 365

Our desktop engineers will ensure your staff’s valuable time is most productive. We are Office 365 specialists and can centrally and remotely manage your entire desktop fleet to ensure minimal down time for staff.

Hardware Sales

Good prices on reliable equipment. Our 25+ years in the industry have assured good partnerships with suppliers of quality products. Whatever IT equipment you might need, come to us for a quote to compare.

We are very proud to have these
international brands available to us.

We are the Distributor for the NTI range of products

We are Sophos Silver Partners

Case Studies

Just a few success stories from clients we've worked with over the last twenty five years.

The Primary Producer

20 Years ago, this client's systems consisted of pens and pieces of paper, and a lot of late nights writing out invoices! We helped them with a spreadsheet that gave the owner back around 10 hours per week!

As this client grew, we supported the business, first with additional PCs, a server, more complicated spreadsheets, then with accounting systems, through until they were ready to move onto a specialist Core Business Application. With additional sites being developed, networks were required and server rooms had to be provisioned.

Today, that client has 6 sites throughout the country, has more than 100 seats, and two geo-diverse computer rooms housing their servers and networking equipment, all pro-actively managed by Connect 2 staff.

The Insurance Advisor

10 years ago, this Financial Advisor set up shop and we helped fit them out with basic desktops and simple office software for the original 3 staff. The business grew solidly over the next 5 years, adding staff until they needed a centralized server capability. We implemented a Small Business Server (SBS) with MS Exchange for their email, network storage, and domain security.

5 years later, with the SBS out of warranty and a new server being very expensive, we developed a plan to move them totally into the cloud. We migrated the on-premises email into Office 365 Exchange On-Line, and set up Sites and Cloud Storage to replace their network drives. We also delivered increased productivity to their mobile agents.

A fundamental change to the way this client conducted business, was implemented smoothly and safely by the Connect 2 team.

The Financial Services provider

15 years ago, this client set up business with a specialist core business application in the financial services industry. Connect 2 were tasked with setting up their new office, as well as helping implement the core application which required thin clients for all users.

An additional site was added to the business 6 years later, and we developed and implemented the plan to set up this second office, put in the new servers and networks to allow both sites, thin client access, as well as on-premise email, network file storage, firewalls and security.

6 years later, a third site was planned by the client. We developed a new hybrid solution architecture incorporating some cloud based functionality, as well as running their core business application on infrastructure inside our data center.

About us

We have over 25 years in this industry, focused on the small business market. Why? Because these companies are the most:

  • vulnerable to IT mistakes -  and we hate seeing that happen.
  • likely to double in size, and we love seeing that and being a part of it.
  • susceptible to IT 'vendor oversell' and/or 'vendor blinkers' and we really hate seeing that happen and are passionate about protecting our clients from this.

What is 'Vendor Oversell'?

  • When you end up buying way more IT stuff than you really need because the sales guys said you needed it!

What is 'Vendor Blinkers'?

  • When the software sales guy is only interested in their software, and doesn't give a stuff about your other IT systems (like email or your accounting package), and what you end up buying results in no end of ongoing conflict problems - and all IT vendors blame each other! ("not my problem" syndrome).

That is why we are SOFTWARE AGNOSTIC when it comes to Core Business Applications. If you want to run XYZ app from Acme Inc - great. We will make sure it runs as well as it can, and doesn't stuff up your other systems.

What this means is we do not push any one specialized software package. We look after your systems, for you. We can recommend options for software that we know work - and we will work with software vendors of these core business applications on your behalf.


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